May 8, 2011


LE Mt. EVEREST -South side
Our Everest team are ready for summit attempt on MAY 14 morning. Team members are at Base camp and leaving for Camp II on May 10. Sherpa (Karma and Furba) reached Camp II today they will continue climbing to Camp IV to set up last camp, before the team arrives 

LOBEN EVEREST Expedition  -North Side

Anna - manage to reach base camp today after she was stuck at Tingri for 02 days. She is now in Base camp - happy and well acclimatize and ready for the summit. Sherpa's of Anna(Ngad and Ang Tashi) has already set up summit camp and now they are waiting for right window for summit bid.  are ready for summit attempt on MAY 13. All members are Base camp and Sherpa went up to Camp III to set up Camp IV for final preparation. Anna will starting climbing from Base camp tomorrow to ABC.
Our Kanchenjunga expedition are going well at the same time - Pemba, Passang and Tahsi went up to camp IV two day back to set up summit camp and will be back to back tomorrow after that the final plan for Kanchenjunga summit will be made. The team of Kanchenjunga can be reach at 008821687701122. 

British Kyashar Expedition: 

Nick and Andy is back to base camp this morning after bad weather and lots of snow on the mountain they will decided whether to continue or not later.  
As per message from Palden

British Kusum Kangaru East Expedition: 
Graham and Ben is heading back to high camp tomorrow after couple of rest day in Base camp. As per 
message from Palden - base camp 

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