May 20, 2011


The team of two members Rajib Bhattarcharya and Dipankar Ghosh along with Climbing Sherpas- Furba Sherpa, Karma Sherpa and BC cook Buddhi Magar become the Second Bengal Civilian team to  conquer Mt. Everest this morning. 

As per Buddhi Magar over BC cook: Rajib Bhattarcharyya and Furba Sherpa reached the summit of Mt. Everest at around 10:05 a.m. Dipankar and Karma reached the summit at around 11:20 a.m.

They are all fine and are on the way back to south summit. 

They stared climbing from Base camp for camp II on the 18 of May spend night at camp II  on 18th May, reached Camp III on 19th May. They reached south col on May 20, 2011 at around 11: a.m. and after a rest of less than 10 hours they started for final summit bid in the night of 20th May at 09:00 pm.


  1. Congrats Dipankar Da, Rajib Da and your team for achieving the dream.You are very much deserving to get your foot-step over the top of the world. We all are waiting for you.You make us proud.Cheers.

    East Mall Club
    Kolkata - 80

  2. Congratulations to Sri Dipankar Ghosh & Sri Rajib Bhattacharya for touching the stone at the top of the world !!!

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    Visit for regular bulletin & updates on Everest Expedition by these two young mountaineers.

  3. We (Padatik)are the top of the world and journey just begin my congratulation to them, we are eagerly wait when the are going to come here in Dum dum Airport.

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  5. Dipankar/Rajiv

    So proud of you!!! Come back safe!!!!


  6. Rajib-Dipankar you are proud of Bhadrakali Padatik & Angan Chaariye. Hoisting flag on top of the world makes the truth and a remarkable note on mountaineering history. eagerly waiting to receive you duo. Also congratulation for Loben Expeditions - KN Pandit, Secretary, Bhadrakali Padatik

  7. Congrats!We a group of 30 trekkers from bangalore trekked to ebc along with them during april.A surgeon in our team helped remove suture from a finger of sri Dipankar Ghosh.We are very proud of him and cherish the tryst we had with him!

  8. Dipankar,Rajiv

    We are so proud of u..
    Tomrai baglar bagh....

    Arindam Karar