May 9, 2011

Manaslu Korea: Mission Accomplished

(Newsdesk) The Korean 2011 "For Freedom 2011 Manaslu expedition" mission was twofold: find the remains of Yun Chiwaon and Park Haeng Su and summit. Now it has been accomplished.

Last week, Fishtail Air issued a press release stating that the operation had recovered Park Heangsu from Manaslu 6400 meters by Fishtail Air’s AS350 B3+ helicopter.

"Park Haeng Su along with his friend were on their way up to the summit of Mt. Manaslu last year when they experienced harsh weather," said the report. "As a result of a white out they lost their way and called for rescue. Fishtail Air’s immediate search for them proved futile." 
"This year his body was found by the Sherpas and brought down to Camp II. Fishtail Air was once again given the responsibility of recovering the body from camp II to Kathmandu where his family and friends were awaiting for a better farewell."

Today Loben Sherpa, expedition organizer for the expedition shot over further news to ExplorersWeb that Mr. Kim Migaon, Mr. Sanu Sherpa & Mr. Chinjung Bhota made the summit of Mansalu this morning (09 May 2011) at 06:10 a.m.

Loben also wrote that the expedition team found Park Haeng Su at an altitude of 7500 meters. "His body was carried down to camp II with the help of our Sherpa team and brought down to Kathmandu from Camp II (6400m) by Fishtail helicopter," Loben said.

The body will be cremated in Kathmandu on May 13 as per Korean and Buddhist ritual ceremony.

The search is now on also for Yun Chiwaon, Loben said.


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