May 8, 2011


News came all the way from the top of Mt. Manaslu that Mr. Kim Migaon, Mr. Sanu Sherpa & Mr. Chinjung Bhota  of "FOR FREEDOM 2011 MANASLU EXPEDITION" successful summit Mt. Mansalu this morning (09 May 2011) at 06:10 a.m.

The expedition main objective was to search the bodies of YUN CHIWAON and PARK HEANGSU, who disappear and died during 2010 Spring Manaslu expedition. The team has successfully searched and found the body of Mr. PARK HEANGSU at an altitude of 7400m. His body was carried down to camp II with the help of our Sherpa team and brought down to Kathmandu from Camp II (6400m) by Fishtail helicopter. Park Heansu body will be cremated in Kathmandu on May 13 as per Korean and Buddhist ritual ceremony.

Rest of the Sherpa team and member are now searching for the body of Mr. YUN CHIWAON   - Loben Sherpa  (Loben Expeditions/Trekking Camp Nepal)

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